I’m back – @groceriesapparel

Hello guys!! Long time no chat! … I’ve missed you all so much.

Thank you so much to everyone that reached out to me through my email , messages concerned about me and my blog. I really appreciate that!!

However, I’m finally back after a few month of a must needed break from blogging.
As you can tell this my new blog name

 ( stylebyraysagarcia.com ) so much happened these couple past months. 

From my accounts been hacked including my old blog ( stylebyraysa ) 

I’m not going to get in too much details just because I don’t what to bore you guys with my pathetic history. I’m just happy to be back and share a little bit more about myself.

I’m doing things different this time. I won’t blog everyday. I will try to share one to two blogs a week sharing different things that love.

I hope you get to enjoy it!

Stay tuned. ❤️

( Look# 1  Denim Jacket + Maxi dress ) 


• Dress @groceriesapparel 


• Denim Jacket @hm 

• Bag @cparis.official 

• Sunnies @rixxeyewear 

• Watch @kyboe Use code RAYSA15

 [ http://bit.ly/2qIGGtB


Look# 2 ( All Black ) 

• Long Sleeve Sweater @groceriesapparel 

• Black leggings ( old ) 

• Shoes @Zaful ( love these ) 

• Bag @cparis.official

• Sunnies @rixxeyewear

• Watch @kyboe 


( Look#3 )  Rowe Hoodie 

• Hoodie @@groceriesapparel 

• Jeans @luckybrand 

• Shoes @zaful 

• Watch @kyboe Use code RAYSA15

 [ http://bit.ly/2qIGGtB
• Sunnies @rixxeyewear

• Bag @vipme_official 

Follow me on social media 

• Instagram @stylebyraysagarcia

• Twitter @raysagarcia7 

• YouTube / Raysa García

• Email: therealraysa.garcia@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by!! 

Love , Raysa García 

Author: stylebyraysagarcia

Welcome to my Simple, Chic Style & Lifestyle world. You cannot be Duplicated or Copied- Your individuality is what makes whatever You do special, LET IT SHINE!

20 thoughts on “ I’m back – @groceriesapparel”

  1. Hello Ms Raysa Garcia!!! I’m glad you’re back!!!! Omg, I’m really sorry about the old blog been hacked. What’s wrong with this people? Some people have nothing better to do. Anyhow, you look absolutely stunning in all these looks. Btw, I love your shoes on outfit #3. I’m thinking of getting one of those styles. Thank you for being so thoughtful and sweet. Have a wonderful day Raysa!
    Much Love, Len

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  2. Girl, welcome back! I didn’t know that your blog was also hacked, my goodness! I don’t understand what goes through some people’s minds and how they don’t think how they’d feel if it were them. Anyway, I love your positivity and look forward to all you share moving forward. I love all these outfits, you always have the best details and mix and match so perfectly. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!



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