What I Wore | Episode 6

Hello guys! How’s everyone’s doing?

Are guys excited for summer to be over? Because I am.🙌🏼I can’t wait for fall and winter to arrive! 😌

On today’s blog I’m sharing these outfits l wore 2 weeks ago.

I went for a mini gateway, if you follow me on Instagram / Twitter or if you watch my instastories then you probably saw a little bit about it. I honestly don’t share much about the places I go to or visit just for safety purposes. Unfortunely we are living in a very dangerous and sad world full of evil people always trying to harm others. Reason why you don’t see me sharing too much about my personal life etc. This is why is very important to have God’s protection, to have Him watch us over when we leave and when we come back…🙏🏼

Im beyond blessed I had a great and relaxed time.

All the outfits I wore are simple and comfy.

Since I was out only for couple days I always like to take my favorites jeans which are these Levi’s. I’m a huge fan of Levi’s since I can remember in my teens life that’s all I used wear.

And I will always wear them because Levi’s are just simply the best jeans out there in my opinion and my collection is getting out of control ( sorry not sorry ) 😃

I hope you guys enjoy it and find some inspiration. ❤️



• Jeans: https://m.levi.com/US/en_US/products/177780130 ( Size – 26 / 28 )

• Denim Jacket: H&M ( sold out )

• Shirt: Forever21 ( old )

• Backpack: Nordstrom Rack ( Sold out )

• Shoes/ Wedges: http://m.shein.com/us/Black-Square-Toe-Hollow-Out-Wedges-p-301270-cat-1749.html ( Size – 37 )

• Sunnies: https://rixxeyewear.com.au/



• Top ( old – Similar here⬇️ )


• Jeans: https://m.levi.com/US/en_US/products/188810208 ( Size- 26/ 28 )

• Shoes / Wedges: http://m.shein.com/us/Black-Square-Toe-Wedge-Heel-Oxfords-p-337641-cat-1749.html ( Size- 37 )

• Watch:


• Sunnies: https://rixxeyewear.com.au/•Bag: https://www.hieleven.com/

• Luggage:


Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Love, Raysa Garcia.

Sweatshirts In Summer.

Hey guys! Long time no talk!! How's everyone's doing? Enjoying this hot summer? ☀️

On today's blog I'm sharing another super easy/laid back outfit.
I Wore this outfit for a lunch/ date with my mama. 👩🏼💁🏻
I could wear sweaters, sweatshirts all year long regardless the season. I paired this sweatshirt with this mini denim skirt so I don't run out of air supply. 🙇🏻‍♀️😅

I hope you guys enjoy it! 💗


• Sweatshirt: https://letterclothing.com/

• Denim Skirt: H&M ( on sale )

• Mini Backpack: Nordstrom Rack ( Sold out )

• Sunnies: https://rixxeyewear.com.au/

Sneakers: https://www.greats.com/


Hat: ( Old )

Thank you so much for stopping by! I wish you all a happy weekend. ❤️

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What I Wore | Episode 5

Hi guys!

Hope everyone's doing great and enjoying the heat. 😰☀️
On today's blog I'm sharing these looks I wore last week. I don't have the chance to dress up since I was working from home! And as I've mentioned before when I'm home I like to be and feel comfortable in my pajamas. 💆🏻
These outfits are simple, effortless and perfect for an everyday wear or doable in case you are exploring / shopping in the city.
Simple and comfortable it's how I roll! 🙋🏻

I hope you guys enjoy it. ❤️

Outfit 1️⃣

⬇️ Wearing ⬇️

• Denim Shirt: https://mott50.com/

Black pants: ( Old )

Shoes: Steve Madden

Sunnies: https://rixxeyewear.com.au/

• Bracelets: https://www.baublebar.com/

• Shopping Center: CitycenterD.C.

Outfit 2️⃣

⬇️ Wearing ⬇️

T-shirt: Forever21 ( New – Available in store )

Wireless Headphones:


• Cap: https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/Women/Accessories

• Jeans: http://www.ymijeans.com/

• Bag: https://www.hieleven.com/

• Shoes:
http://m.shein.com/us/Brown-Square-Toe-Hollow-Out-Wedges-p-301268-cat-1749.html ( Wearing Size – 37 )

• Watch: https://www.danielwellington.com/us/

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What I Wore | Episode 4 

Hello guys! Hope everyone’s doing great and enjoying this summer season. 🌞🌊

Welcome to another episode of what I put together, Well it’s summer but I never dress according to the season we are in. I dress depending on my mood even if I have a work meeting to get to. 👩🏻‍💼

Here are a few of the outfits I Wore. Lots of colors as you can see. But always keeping it Simple and beautiful as well as easy to achieve.
 I really hope you guys like it and find some inspiration. ❤️
➡️ OUTFIT- 1 ⬅️


➖ Top  V-Neck Top Use code raysag20 


Instagram @nakdfashion 

➖Black Diamonds   Kickstarter 

Instagram @liveforgems 
➡️ OUTFIT – 2 ⬅️


➖ Top https://na-kd.com/ruffle-sleeve-top-raspberry

Use code raysag20 at https://na-kd.com/  

Instagram @nakdfashion 

➖ Jeans / Levi’s ( old ) 

➖Bag  http://www.bagghy.us/

➖ Sunnies https://www.hellomojo.ca/ Use code Raysamojo for 20% off. 

➡️ OUTFIT- 3 ⬅️


 Dress Use code raysag20 at https://na-kd.com/



Instagram @hielevencom 

➡️ OUTFIT – 4 ⬅️


➖ Slip Dress 

https://na-kd.com/straight-mini-slip-dress-white-flower-print Use code raysag20 at 


Instagram @nakdfashion 

➖ Shoes ( Gifted / old ) 

➖ Sunnies https://rixxeyewear.com.au/

➖L/V Ba ( old ) 

➖ Watch  https://www.danielwellington.com/us/

➡️ OUTFIT – 5 ⬅️


➖ Dress


➖ Shoes ( Gifted ) 





➖ Sunnies 


➡️OUTFIT – 6 ⬅️


➖ Top ( Gifted ) 

➖ Denim skirt ( old ) 

➖ Shoes 


➖ Watch 


➖ Bag 


Thank you so much for stopping by!❤️

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Love, Raysa Garcia. 


What I Wore | Episode 3 

Hello dearest Friends! 

Hope you all had a great weekend / Father’s Day! 

This looks are simple, beautiful and easy to put together. Perfect for an everyday wear or if you need to run some errands. 

I hope you guys enjoy it! ❤️

( OUTFIT- 1 ) 


• Dress ( old ) 

• shoes  Black Toe Wedge Heel

• Thights  @ceduire Use discount code  ATYL10 ​ for 10% off at https://ceduire.com/  

• White Denim Jacket @nakdfashion Use code raysag20 at https://na-kd.com/ 

• Sunnies


( OUTFIT – 2 ) 


• I’m Wearing these beautiful pieces from @nphilanthropy I really love their clothes selection not only because is so chic and edgy but I also love that we are giving back to pediatric cancer research and animal abuse prevention. 


• Shoes https://www.shein.com  ( love these ) 

( Wearing Size – 37 ) 

• Sunnies  https://rumbatime.com/

• Bag  https://www.hieleven.com/

( OUTFIT- 3 ) 


• Dress ( old ) 

• Shoes https://www.shein.com/ ( Love these ) 

• Sunnies  https://rumbatime.com/

• Bag  http://c-paris.com/

• Watch The new Classic Petite Bondi ⌚️from @danielwellington Now available at https://danielwellington.com | Use code RAYSAGARCIA17 for 15% off Valid until July 15th 2017. #ClassicpetiteBondi #danielwellington #ad

( OUTFIT- 4 ) 


• Denim Shirt  https://mott50.com/

• Jeans  http://www.luckybrand.com/

• Shoes ( gifted – Ralph Lauren ) 

• Bag https://www.hieleven.com/

• Sunnies  https://rumbatime.com/

• Wrist Scarf  http://silkphilosophy.com/

Thank you for stopping by! 

I wish you all a wonderful new week ahead. ❤️

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Love, Raysa García

What I Wore | Episode 2

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Welcome to another blog! 

So happy to be back with a new post Sharing a few outfits I wore recently featuring some of my favorites brands. ❤️
As you all know, my style is effortless , simple and comfy.  I hope you guys enjoy it and find some inspirations. ❤️


( OUTFIT# 1 ) 


• Denim Shirt / H&M 

• Denim Jeans / Lucky brand 

• Shoes / Ralph Lauren 

• Hand – Mini Scarf / @Silkphilosophy 


( OUTFIT #2 ) 


• Denim Shirt / @nakdfashion  Use Code raysag20 at https://na-kd.com/

• Watch @danielwellington  

https://danielwellington.com/ | Use code RAYSAGARCIA17 for 15% off Valid until July 15th 2017. #ClassicpetiteBondi


( OUTFIT #3 ) 


• White Shirt @nakdfashion Use code raysag20 at https://na-kd.com/

• Jeans / Levi’s 

• Sunnies ( gifted ) 

• Watch @danielwellington 


Use code RAYSAGARCIA17 for 15% off Valid until July 15th 2017.  #DWClassicPetite


( OUTFIT: 4 ) 


• Sweater @nakdfashion Use code raysag20 at https://na-kd.com/ 

• Jeans / Levi’s

• Sunglasses ( Gifted ) 

• Watch @danielwellington 


Use code RAYSAGARCIA17 for 15% off Valid until July 15th 2017. #DWClassicPetite

Thank you for stopping by! 

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Love, Raysa Garcia ❤️

A Day With Raysa! 

Hello guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend/ Memorial Day. 🇺🇸

On today’s blog. I’m sharing a little bit more about myself.😇

As I get older ( turning 31 soon.🙈 ) I’m becoming more laid back on things I like to do. 

I’ve never been a wild person. I’m very simple in very single thing of my life, starting with the way a dress and things I like to do for fun.

For me long walks , a nice conversation with a smart and educated person is a must , Yummy food , Coffee ☕️ or movie nights is what I like and how I roll now.💆🏻

Don’t take me wrong in my earlier twenties I did go maybe twice to a club and maybe I did had a shot of tequila but nothing over top. I wasn’t raised in that environment so there is nothing i miss about those embarrassing times 🙄However, everybody it’s free to do and live the way they wish. ☝🏼

Here I was invited to this delicious restaurant and one of my favorites in Bethesda- Maryland 


It’s a Malaysian / Thai and their food it’s amazing plus their customer service was outstanding. I would Definitely recommend this place. 

Penang Malaysian & Thai Restaurant © 2014. All Rights Reserved. | 4933 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda MD 20814 | Phone: 301.657.2878

Now tell me what do you guys do for fun?😊



– Jacket + Shirt ( old ) https://na-kd.com/ 

( Use my discount code raysag20 )

 Instagram @nakdfashion 

– Jeans ( old )

– Shoes ( old / love these ) 

– Watch: ( old / love it )  https://m.rolex.com/


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