Casual questions to get to know me.

Hi friends!

Hope you all had an amazing long weekend. 🇺🇸


On Today’s blog post I’m sharing another get to know me/ facts about me.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

1-What’s your favorite food?

Greek , Spanish , Pizza

2- What’s your favorite Drink?

Black Coffee , Diet Coke

3- What’s your favorite Movie?

Tears of the sun , King Arthur , Pretty Woman , Dirty Dancing , King Kong.

4- What’s your favorite Hobby?

Movies , I love Long walks , eat & working out.

5- What’s your favorite color?

White, Black & Blue

6- What’s your favorite reality/ tv shows.

I don’t watch any reality shows. I only watch news, Sports , Hallmark Chanel , Korean & Turkish Dramas.

7- What’s your favorite sport?

Basketball , Football & Baseball

8- What’s your favorite Actor / Actress


Denzel Washington , Bruce Willis , Robert De Niro, Al pachino , Robert downey jr , Keanu Reeves, Matt Damon, Jason statham.


Sandra Bullock , Julia Robert , Halley Berry ,

Monica Bellucci.

9- What’s your favorite Country?

Israel, USA, Greece , South Korea & of course my country Nicaragua.

10- What’s your favorite Music?

Jazz , Country. I also listen to Greek & Korean music.

11- What’s your favorite singer?

Michael Bubble , Faith Hill , Tim Mcgraw , Luther Vandross , Michael Bolton , Celine Dion, Elena Paparizou , Lee Seung Chul, JEONG EUN JI, JUNG YUP, SURA, Kim Ah Joong.

12- What’s your favorite Spring/ Sumer accessory?

Watch , earrings , Sunglasses , Bag , Denim Jacket.

13- What’s your favorite fruit?

Grapefruit , Strawberry , pineapple , watermelon.

14- What’s your favorite animals/ Pet?


15- What’s your favorite Book?

I only read the Bible

Please leave a comment below about any questions you may have of these facts! I would love to know more about you too. Also if you guys want to know anything else about me please fell free to ask. I’ll be more than happy to answer it.

Have a wonderful week.

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Raysa Garcia


Love, Raysa Garcia.


Author: stylebyraysagarcia

Welcome to my Simple, Chic Style & Lifestyle world. You cannot be Duplicated or Copied- Your individuality is what makes whatever You do special, LET IT SHINE!

10 thoughts on “Casual questions to get to know me.”

  1. I like this kind of post from you, makes me get to know you more. I’m surprised you’re into K-Pop and Greek music. We have the same favourite actors and actresses. I would like to know what is your day job or your work or are you a full time blogger? Hope you have a fun weekend dear!

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  2. I loved reading these questions and answers, I definitely learned more about you than I did before! I mainly read The Bible, too. Though I do love books by Christian authors, such as Derek Prince, Stormie Omartian, and Joyce Meyers. I love Greek food and pizza is my absolute weakness. Girl, if you lived closer, I think we’d be BFFs, lol! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have the best week ahead!



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